Hearing Aid Fitting Services in Ottawa

Discover Our Comprehensive Hearing Aid Fitting Process

Finding the right hearing aid can significantly improve your quality of life if you’ve been diagnosed with hearing loss. Our expert audiologists at Treat Hearing Health

Professional Audiologists

Care specialize in fitting hearing aids tailored to your specific needs. From

understanding your unique hearing profile to ensuring comfortable usage, our comprehensive fitting process is designed to provide optimal results.

When you choose Treat Hearing Health Care for your hearing aid fitting, you're choosing a personalized experience that prioritizes your comfort and satisfaction. Our audiologists take the time to thoroughly assess your hearing needs, taking into account factors such as the severity and type of hearing loss, your lifestyle, and your personal preferences.



Professional Audiologists

At Treat Hearing Health Care, our team of professional audiologists is dedicated to providing exceptional care and expertise throughout your hearing aid fitting journey. With years of experience and extensive training, our audiologists possess the knowledge and skills to ensure you receive the highest quality of care possible.

Each member of our team is committed to staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in hearing aid technology and fitting techniques. When you choose Treat Hearing Health Care, you can trust that you are receiving care from audiologists passionate about helping you achieve the best possible hearing outcomes. With our compassionate approach and personalized attention to detail, you can feel confident that you are in good hands every step of the way.

Our Hearing Aid Fitting Services

Are you ready to experience the transformative power of expertly fitted hearing aids? At Treat Hearing Health Care, we offer comprehensive fitting services tailored to your unique needs, ensuring optimal comfort and performance for improved quality of life.

Pre-Fitting Preparation

Before your fitting appointment, our audiologist will guide you through selecting the most suitable hearing aids for your condition. If custom mould impressions are necessary, we'll ensure a precise fit for maximum comfort and effectiveness. Once your hearing aids arrive, our specialists meticulously program them using advanced software to match your hearing requirements.

Thorough Fitting Procedure

During your fitting session, which typically lasts about an hour, our audiologist conducts a series of tests to assess your hearing response. We delicately place a thin tube near your eardrum to evaluate reactions to different sound levels. With this data, we fine-tune the amplification settings to optimize your hearing experience. Throughout the process, we prioritize ensuring proper fit and comfort to enhance your daily comfort.

Education and Support

Understanding how to use and care for your new hearing aids is essential for long-term success. Our audiologist will provide comprehensive guidance on insertion, removal, cleaning, battery replacement, and programming adjustments. You'll receive informative materials and personalized instructions to support your transition to wearing hearing aids seamlessly. Additionally, we'll create a tailored schedule to gradually acclimate you to wearing your devices in various environments.

Ongoing Care and Support

Your journey with hearing aids doesn't end after the fitting. Our team remains dedicated to supporting you every step of the way. Whether you have questions, concerns, or require adjustments, our audiologists are here to provide expert assistance. We'll schedule follow-up appointments to ensure your comfort and address any issues promptly.

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