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Hearing Test Ottawa

What to Expect During Our Hearing Test

At Treat Hearing Health Care, we offer professional hearing tests in the Ottawa area. If you’re noticing ear pain, ringing in your ears, you aren’t hearing well in certain environments, or any other unusual symptoms, it may be a good idea to get your ears checked. Here’s what you can expect during your hearing test:

  • Our audiologist will use a camera to look into your ears in order to assess the overall health of your eardrums.
  • We will make sure there are no wax blockages in the ear canal.
  • We will measure the eardrum movement as we change the pressure in your ears.
  • We will test to see what the softest sounds you can hear are.
  • Finally, we assess your ability to understand speech at different levels.

Professional Hearing Assessments Ottawa

As of July 1st, 2023 with the switch of the Federal Public Servant insurance plan to Canada Life, all federal public servants can now receive up to $750 per calendar year for audiologist services.

As a clinic with registered audiologists as opposed to other hearing healthcare practitioners, such as hearing instrument specialists or dispensers, we are now a go-to clinic for professional hearing tests in Ottawa.

Our Hearing
Test Packages

At Treat Hearing Health Care, we offer a variety of hearing tests and assessments. So you can select one that works for your needs and budget.

Comprehensive Audiologic Assessment

This particular hearing test is our most thorough and detailed assessment. With this 1 hour session at $215, our professional audiologists will conduct video otoscopy, middle ear assessments, pure-tone threshold determinations, ultra-high-frequency audiometry, speech-in-noise testing, and detailed recommendations.

Standard Hearing Assessment

Much like our comprehensive audiologic assessment, our standard hearing assessments include video otoscopy, middle ear assessment, pure-tone threshold determination, speech-in-noise testing, results explanation, and recommendations.

Hearing Screening

At Treat Hearing Health Care, our hearing screening services are extremely popular. For a 30-minute $95 session, this hearing test runs through hearing thresholds, providing you with a detailed audiogram report at the end of your appointment.

Contact Our Professional Audiologists for a Hearing Test Near You

The audiologists at Treat Hearing Health Care understand the struggles many of our patients face. To guarantee that your hearing and ear issues are properly handled, we only employ the most recent technology and procedures when it comes to our hearing tests. If you require the services of an audiologist, you can be confident that all our processes will be carried out securely, and your experience will be as pleasant and relaxing as possible.

Work with our skilled audiologists to solve your ear problems. Make a hearing test appointment with us today!

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