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Our Team
Chief Audiologist
Clayton Fisher M.CI.Sc.
Clayton has been practicing as an audiologist since 2014 and, over the years, he has successfully helped over a thousand people hear better.
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Hearing Instrument Specialist 
Edith (Edie) Pyefinch HIS, Reg. AHIP
As an H.I.S, Edie has 7 years of clinical experience helping Ottawans hear better through carefully selecting and fitting hearing instruments.
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Audiology Technician
Zohre (Zoe) Ahmadi M.Sc., Audiology
Zoe trained and worked as an audiologist in Iran for 7 years before moving to Ottawa to do her PhD in rehabilitation sciences at the University of Ottawa.
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Laura Conlin
Laura oversees all administrative aspects at both Treat Hearing locations and personally trains our customer services representatives, ensuring they meet our high standards.
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