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Ringing In The Ears Ottawa

Do I Need Treatment for
Ringing in the Ears?

Many people frequently experience intermittent ringing in the ears, especially after exposure to strong noises or calm settings. However, if the ringing persists or starts to affect your everyday life, it may be an indication that you should seek medical attention. Here are some signs that may indicate it's time to get medical attention if you’re experiencing ringing in the ears:

  • Does the ringing persist for more than a few days or occur regularly?
  • Does the ringing in your ears make it difficult for you to focus, sleep, or have fun?
  • Along with ringing in the ears, have you noticed any changes in your ability to hear?
  • Is it leading to emotional distress including anxiety, stress or depression?

Professional Treatment for Ringing in the Ears?

At Treat Hearing Health Care, we specialize in offering practical answers for patients that experience ringing in the ears. Our devoted group of knowledgeable hearing care specialists have a wealth of experience in identifying and treating this disease. We have a thorough awareness of the difficulties associated with ringing in the ears and how it affects your general health.

Our staff remains current on the most recent audiology-related studies, discoveries, and therapeutic approaches. Modern tools in our clinic enable us to do extensive exams and spot any underlying issues that may be causing your symptoms. Our hearing care specialists take the time to hear your issues, do thorough evaluations, and create treatment programs that are unique to your requirements and objectives.

Ways We Treat Ringing in the Ears

Our clinic stays current on the most recent developments in audiology to provide you with the most effective and cutting-edge treatments. We use advanced tools and technologies to precisely identify and treat ringing in the ears. We provide a variety of therapeutic choices, such as:

Sound Therapy

We provide individualized sound therapy treatments that employ soft, relaxing sounds to reduce the sensation of ringing in the ears. These programs can be customized to your needs and are available in a variety of formats, including wearable technology and smartphone applications.

Counselling and Education

Our compassionate team of medical experts will offer you in-depth counselling and education to help you comprehend your situation better. We'll discuss the potential reasons for your symptoms and provide you with coping techniques for ringing in the ears that affect your everyday life.

Lifestyle Modifications

The sensation of ringing in the ears can be caused by or made worse by specific lifestyle circumstances. You can improve your general well-being by decreasing your exposure to loud noises, controlling your stress levels, and following the advice of our specialists.