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Hearing Instrument Treatment Plans

The latest technology and styles carefully programmed and adjusted to your personal prescription using real-ear measurements (REM) to optimize speech understanding and comfort.


Audiological Services

Wax removal, hearing screening, hearing aid repairs, etc.

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Third-Party Billing (No cost to client)

Veteran's Affairs Canada (VAC), Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB), Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP).

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In-Home Services

We come to you!

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Complete In-Office Hearing Assessment

Video otoscopy, middle ear assessment, pure-tone threshold determination, speech-in-noise testing, recommendations.


Virtual Hearing Consultation

Submit your audiogram and have our audiologist review it and provide interpretation and recommendations.


Home Visit - Full Assessment

Complete in-home hearing assessment, consultation, recommendations. Includes wax removal (if required).


Home Visit - Service/Repair

In-home hearing aid clean and check, otoscopy. Other services are billable as required.


Tinnitus Evaluation

Includes complete hearing assessment, tinnitus evaluation and management strategies.


Hearing Instrument Re-fittings / Adjustments

Bring in your hearing aids from other providers that are underperforming or not meeting your needs.


In-Office Wax Removal

We remove wax safely and effectively using either manual removal (curette) or irrigation (water).


Hearing Screening

RCMP work applications, etc.